We are a community association whose purpose is:

  • To promote activities which help to provide optimum living conditions in the area and to discourage activities which threaten to affect the area adversely

  • To keep the members informed of current issues which might affect the Lake Combie area.

  • To establish committees to study the possible relationship of any proposed activity in light of its effect on the Lake Combie area.

  • To voice the consensus of opinion of the Lake Combie Association to pertinent governmental bodies.

  • To provide recommendations for ensuring maintenance of high safety standards on the lake to the appropriate government agencies.


Current view of Lake Combie.
Current View of Lake Combie

Annual Picnic

  23 June 2018
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NID Lake Combie Dredging Presentation  


Sep 2016 News
  - Lake level

April 2013
  - Townhall Meeting
  - NID Update
  - Quagga Mussel

March 2013
  - NID Update
  - Quagga Mussel
  - Survey Results

June 2011
  - NID Encroachment

  February 2011
  - Propane Discount

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