Lake Combie Association
Preferred Propane Supplier

Lake Combie Association has negotiated a preferred propane supplier agreement with Suburban Propane which provides the following benefits for LCA members:

  • Cost of propane is set at $0.719 above the wholesale BPN rate. The BPN Index is a standard published rate.  For verification, the price you receive should be $0.29 above the Lake of the Pines price which is normally published on the LOP Public Information TV channel.

  • An annual tank rental rate of $35 for an above-ground tank.
  • For you convenience, Suburban will refill portable propane tanks (e.g. for your BBQ) when they refill your main tank.  Leave the portable tanks next to your main tank.

Please contact Suburban Propane at (530) 273-6113 to take advantage of this program. 

Current Propane Cost